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Timeline: 12 Month Look Ahead

Schedule Phase III & Phase IV

January 2017:
Introduction of Concept Design to City Council

February 2017:
Review Design with Staff based on initial Council input

March 2017:
First Design Review Board Presentation

April 2017:
City Council Housing Subcommittee

May 2017:
Planning Commission & City Council Study Sessions

August 2017:
Planning Commission Hearing

September 2017:
City Council Study Hearing

  • August 2017:
    Wine Tasting and Future Phases Open House
  • September 2017:
    Community Outreach Meeting
  • October 2017:
    Groundbreaking; Demolish Existing Structures; Construct Temporary Road + Utility Construction
  • January 2018:
    Begin Road Construction + Landfill Remediation and Clay Cap Repair
  • June 2018:
    Begin Site Utility Construction
  • July 2018:
    Begin New Marina Blvd Construction
  • October 2018:
    Begin Bay Trail Grading and Landscaping